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4 Blog-Worthy Items in 400 Words or Less

As several news items from this last week are worthy of note, I’m not going to cover just one. In four hundred words or less, here are the top four items that affect our veterans:

  • Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia passed away. Last week, the country was saddened to hear of the passing of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, who was 79 years old. (Read what other Supreme Court Justices had to say about this great man here). While Scalia’s death is mourned by millions, it also raises the issue of how this affects Kingdomware, a decision long-awaited by the veteran business community that was set for oral argument this Monday (February 22). Long story short, as argument will be held in Scalia’s absence, this sets the stage for one of three options: a split decision, which means the opinion of the lower court will be affirmed (and the veterans lose); 5-3 in the veterans’ favor; or 3-5 in the VA’s favor.
  • VA Secretary Robert McDonald grilled over Colorado Springs clinic’s woes. During a House budget hearing this month, the VA leader responded to calls for discipline for workers at the Fillmore Street facility in the wake of an Office of Inspector General report that found the clinic wasn’t delivering timely care and had falsified appointment days. Let’s hope this isn’t Phoenix all over again. . .
  • VA Bosses Want to Cut Red Tape that Prevents Firings. Maybe it was just to save face, but in early February the VA proposed to Congress that the department be authorized to strip all senior executives and doctors of MSPB appeal rights. The agency-backed plan would convert VA senior executive service employees — the federal workforce’s top career bosses — to Title 38 employees, the classification of VA doctors. The plan would then authorize the firing of any Title 38 employee for cause, without appeal rights. While it has been incorporated into existing legislation for consideration, don’t hold your breath on this one – it might be a symbolic statement more than anything, given its (major) Constitutional issues.

That’s it and that’s all! Stay tuned for more next week. (And bonus points if you know what movie I’ve just referenced).

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One Response to “4 Blog-Worthy Items in 400 Words or Less”

  1. So basically nothing changes, the corruption continues and the veterans get hosed… got it! 🙂

    On happier notes, at least we get to sit back and laugh at the silly season of US Presidential Politics!!

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